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My Philosophy

Our way of working remains in using traditional technics with more modern methods.

We prefer hand works better than mecanical ones, from cut to vines work (.....). Tasks are still hand made. Less tractor use allows better land life and reduce atmospheric pollution.

Tasks are doing by hand. The low use of the tractor limit air pollution and soil compaction. Our old vines allow a particular disease resistance. Optimum yield 45 to 50 hectoliters per hectare allows the production of healthy grapes with thick skin, reserves colorants, flavors and tannins. 

We work in conventional culture. This personal choice does not put forward a lack of interest in organic farming but rather a respect and a certain economic viability not to degrade the construction of a life by my father and my grandfather. In this context, I respect the culture in organic farming in my way of reasoned way. 

To encourage the vine, we use organic compost 100% natural. Our new plantations have a root system voluntarily linked to mycorrhizal. This is to create a symbiosis allowing natural mineral nutrition of vines and a better resistance to water stress and certain diseases. 

All dry matter are French. Only corks come from Portugal. 

Our ultimate aim is to get healthy manual harvest, with phenolic maturity and optimum levels of sugars necessary for producing great wines. Our work is moving more and more towards the respect of our ecosystem.