Grape Harvest

Harvesting is 100% manual for reasons of ethics and quality. 

Picking red grapes in our entire cluster enables compliance with typically Beaujolais semi-carbonic vinification. This is to bring the CO2 naturally start of fermentation. This environment causes hermetic fermentation in the grape, which gives red fruit aromas, see black and a subtle freshness.

The harvest date is fixed by us following techniques followed phenolic maturity. Our plots are later than average raw because of the altitude and exposure of these, located on a hillside microclimate. 

The pickers are selected carefully in order to the job. Young people, pensioners, or passionate wine are selected. The quality of the grapes at that time summarizes the work of wine a year. 

Of course, "Mother Nature" can positively or negatively change all this work ... 

The grapes are subsequently approved on a stainless steel elevator belt to the tank.