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One Passionate Secret

A well kept secret 

Being passionate about his work shows some commitment to produce the best. Be passionate about wine and humanity that surrounds it allows me to produce wines of great qualities. 

Our small size allows us to focus on the qualitative work in the vineyard and in winemaking, we seek phenolics palate and fruit flavors. 

The micro-climate floor between 230 m and 430 m, it provides ideal conditions for a good ripeness. It allows a perfect balance between acidity and sugars. During the warm season, it guarantees the freshness to the grapes. 

On some of our parcels of vines, a stone layer covers the ground. This helps promote sunshine and maturation of our grapes. 

The exhibition contributes greatly to obtaining quality grapes. Our production mainly from vineyards located. 

After the rhetoric, talking about wine! our elixir releases minerality in the finish, which draws from the bottom of our granitic clay soil on the blue rock. The Secret of My Father helped prove the nobility of our vineyard. A unique terroir, old vines 90 years, a long maceration and aging without oak. A unique wine!